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The Business

John Allison with Paul Emmerson

Macmillan, 2007, 160 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4050-8369-0

This intermediate level book is part of a multi-level business English course based on research into degree courses in European institutions. This particular level takes students from Council of Europe level B1 to B1+/B2.

The studentís book contains forty-eight modules divided between eight units, each unit being based on a topic such as customer support, products and packaging, and international trade. Each unit contains modules dealing with vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening and writing as well as Ďabout businessí modules providing information about the topic area, and case studies offering the opportunity to apply knowledge gained from the unit.

Each unit includes Internet research tasks which direct learners to background information and can be done before or after working on a module. Apart from the main units, the studentís book also contains review sections, grammar and practice exercises and additional material for pair and group activities. There is also a useful wordlist neatly divided into high frequency items and words to be learned for recognition purposes. Speaking modules cover skills required for business activities such as meetings, interviews, negotiations and presentations, while writing modules focus on reports, correspondence, product descriptions and proposals. There is a very useful module on preparing slides for presentations.

The book is accompanied by a DVD-ROM designed for self-study. This is an excellent add-on, containing an interactive workbook, problem-solving games, tests, and model business documents. On the audio-visual side, there is a mini-drama, divided into episodes, illustrating business and people skills, and the complete audio recordings from the studentís book together with scrollable scripts. The DVD-ROM also includes downloadable files containing the answers to exercises, a word file related to the business documents and MP3 files of all the audio material in the studentís book. The package also includes a teacherís book and audio CDs for class use, while learners are directed to an accompanying Website containing tests, updates and further supplementary materials.

A lot of thought has been given to the design of this book and to the provision of supplementary materials and software. The wide range of resources enables the learner to develop both language skills and knowledge of the business world, and, as such, would appeal to both students and business professionals.

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