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Bite-size Activities for Generation Z - Izmir University of Economics, 13.02.20

Bite-Size Activies for Generation Z - 17th Izmir Nationwide ELT Conference 08.02.20

Mistakes Made and Lessons Learnt - TESOL Turkey conference, 28.11.2019

Teaching to Lecturing - Izmir University of Economics, 09.01.2019

Leadership and Teambuilding - Nesibe Aydın Schools, Ankara, 29.12.18

Prep to Faculty, Teaching to Lecturing - 1st TESOL Turkey conference, Izmir, 17.11.18

CELTA in the 21st Century – 4th Annual CETA Symposium, Kiev, 08.09.18

Teaching ESP - Bilim University, Antalya, 20.10.17

Effective Vocabulary Teaching - Dokuz Eylül University Izmir, 28.09.17

Enhancing the Coursebook - Katip Çelebi University, 13.09.17

21st Century Skills - Cambridge University Press Event, 06.05.17

Developing Critical Thinking Skills – TÖMER conference, Bursa, 27.04.17

Project-based Learning and 21st Century Skills - TED Schools conference Bodrum, 08.04.17

Recycling Vocabulary - International House, Izmir, 24.01.17

Storytelling for Kids – Yonder Schools, 09.08.16

Emotional Intelligence - International House, Izmir, 15.03.16

EQ and Classroom Dynamics - Gediz University, Izmir, 08.02.16

A Sense of Purpose – International House, Izmir, 27.10.15

English is not a Foreign Language - Katip Çelebi University, Izmir, 11.09.15

Story Starter – T.A.K.E.V Izmir, 18.06.15

Technology in ELT – Ataturk University Erzurum, 16.05.15

Intensive  and Extensive Reading – Ataturk University Erzurum, 16.05.15

21st Century Skills - International Mediterranean Academy, 22.05,15

CLIL: An Introduction - International Mediteranean Academy, 22.05.15

Observation Skills – Izmir University of Economics, 18.04.15

Embedding CLIL - ODTU Schools, Denizli, 11.04.15

Receptive Skills – T.O.M.E.R, Samsun, Ankara, 30,31.03.15

English  for Specific Purposes – Istanbul Aydin University, 06.03.15

English Teaching in Turkey – Ataturk University Erzurum, 22.02.15

Developing Materials – TED College Izmir, 09.02.15

Multicultural Classrooms – Eastern Mediterranean University, 26,27.01.15

ELT Overseas: The Turkish Contribution, Katip Çelebi University, Izmir, 24.09.14

Ambient English, Izmir University of Economics, 16.09.14

Small Talk, Final Schools, Diyarbakir, 21.06.14

Writing in the 21st Century, Gaziantep Kolej Vakfı conference, 12.04.14

Stimulating Writing, Gaziantep Kolej Vakfı conference, 12.04.14

CLIL: An Introduction, Izmir University of Economics, 11.12.13

Group Dynamics, Gazi University, Ankara, 16.11.13

Integrating the Skills, Ege University, Izmir, 13.11.13

Enhancing Learning, Katip Çelebi University, Izmir, 06.11.13

What’s Your Policy? Yaşar University Conference, Izmir, 03.05.13

How Do We Know That They Know? Eskişehir Atayurt Conference, 16.03.13

Using Your Hands, Eskişehir Atayurt Conference, 16.03.13

Sell Yourself in English, Izmir Universities, 12-27.12.12

But that’s not what we say! Yaşar University ELT Conference, Izmir, 05.05.12

From Teacher to Manager, International House Izmir, 27.03.12

Managing Language Teaching Organisations, British Council Khartoum, 04.03,12

What’s Wrong with the System, International House Izmir, 20.03.12

Fine Thanks, and You, International House Izmir, 14.02.12

Popular Myths in Language Teaching, International House Izmir, 10.01.12

Learner Training, Gediz University Izmir, 12,11

What’s New (in ELT), International House Izmir, 14.12.11

Small Group Learning, Işikkent Education Campus, Izmir, 17.11.11

The Learner Centred Classroom, International House Izmir, 15.11.11

A Global Look at ELT, International House Izmir, 02.11.11

ICELT: The IEU Experience, Cambridge Teaching Awards Symposium, Istanbul, 09.09.11

A CLIL-type Lesson, Near East University, Cyprus, 04.06.11

The Common Sense of CLIL, Near East University, Cyprus, 03.06.11

Real Learner-centred Teaching, Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus, 02.06.11

Real Learner-centred Teaching, European University of Lefke, Cyprus, 02.06.11

What Do We Mean by Learner Centredness? Anatolian High Schools Conference, 28.05.11

The Common Sense of CLIL, Yaşar University ELT Conference, Izmir, 27.05.11

CLIL: Food for Thought, Ankara University Development Foundation, 04.05.11

For Better or for Worse, Izmir University of Economics ELT Conference, 25.03.11

Six Good Reasons, 8th Izmir Nationwide ELT Conference, 05.03.11

Uncovering CLIL, Başkent University Schools, Ankara, 08.01.11

CLIL & Immersion: Making It Work, Kokkola University Consortium, Finland, 18.11.10

Teachers Teaching Teacher. Celal Bayar University, Manisa, 30.10.10

CLIL and Team Teaching. Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul, 15.05.10

Emotional Intelligence, OUP Conference, Bodrum, 17.04.10

Brain-based Learning, Oxford Quality Schools Project, Bergama, 12.08.09

Critical Thinking, Oxford Quality Schools Project, Bergama, 11.08.09

CLIL in Practice, EU Comenius Project, Ankara 06.05.08
A Lesson in CLIL
, Bahçeşehir University Istanbul, 03.05.08

What's Emotional Intelligence got to do with Grammar?, British Council Izmir, 12.03.08

I Got Rhythm: Chants for the Classroom , 5th Izmir Nationwide ELT Conference, 08.03.08
Portfolio Assessment, Kocatepe University, Afyon, 23.01.08
Chants for the Classroom
, Marmara College, Bodrum, 26.12.07
Process Writing
, Kocatepe University, Afyon ,14.09.07
Songs, Chants & Stories, 9th September University, Izmir, 06.09.07
Student to Student: Maximising Classroom Interaction , Manisa Schools, Turgutlu, 21.08.07
Implementing a CLIL Approach: A Change of Emphasis, Bilkent University Ankara, 27.06.07
CLIL: Potential and Practice
, Sabancı University Istanbul, 24.05.07
Language and Content or Content and Language?, Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul, 12,05.07
Emotional Intelligence and Communicative Competence, Aegean University, Izmirs, 08.05.07
CLIL: An Introduction, Pan-Hellenic ELT Conference, Thessaloniki, 18.03.07
A Song: More Than Just A Gap-fill, 4th Izmir Nationwide ELT Conference, 05.03.07
Teacher Development In A Context of Expansion, IATEFL TTEdSIG Conference, 22.05.06
Express Teaching, Middle East Technical University ELT Convention, 06.05.06
Language Support for University Students, IEU Faculties Conference, 23.11.05
Content and Language Integrated Learning, IUE ELT Conference Izmir 15.09.05
Working With Mataphors, 3rd Izmir Nationwide ELT Conference, 04.03.06
Curriculum Development, Koç Group Istanbul, 01.09.05
The Integrated Language Teacher, Koç Group Istanbul, 31.08.05
An Integrated Skills Lesson, British Council Izmir, 27.4.05
Aspects of Nonverbal Communication, IATEFL Conference, Cardiff, 08.04.05
Nonverbal Communication, 2nd Izmir Nationwide ELT Conference, 05.03.05
Aspects of Nonverbal Communication, INGED Conference, Izmir, September 04

Teaching Lexis rather than Vocabulary, Marmara College Bodrum ELT Conference, 15.05.99
Language Learning Experiences, Marmara College Istanbul ELT Conference, 08.05.99
Teacher Isolation, Aegean University/INGED Conference, Izmir, February 99

Teaching Lexis rather than Vocabulary, Aegean Active Learning Conference, 16.11.98
Teaching Lexis rather than Vocabulary, American Collegiate Institute, 06.11.98
Achieving Balance in Syllabus Design, British Council Izmir, 07.10.98

Teacher Isolation, Middle East Technical University ELT Convention, 29.05.98
How Teachers Learn from Each Other, British Council Izmir ELT Symposium, 28.02.98
How Many Books?, Aegean Universities ELT Conference, November 97

Teacher Development, British Council Izmir, 14.05.97
Writing a Multiple Choice Test, British Council Izmir, 05.03.97
Dictation - Old Hat or New Shoes?, British Council Izmir ELT Symposium, 18.11.96
Teaching Learners to Learn, British Council Izmir, 16.10..96
Evaluating your teaching, British Council Izmir, 29.05.96
Nothing but Words, Adnan Menderes University ELT Conference, 20.04.96
Aspects of Phonology, British Council Izmir, 07.02.96
Effective Drilling, British Council Izmir, 03.01.96
A Critical Look at Coursebooks, British Council Izmir, 01.11.95