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Further Qualifications in ELT

If you are looking for further qualifications in English teaching, your options are the Cambridge ESOL DELTA (, The Trinity College London Diploma in TESOL (, or one of an ever expanding range of MA/MSc programmes, some of which are listed below, and some of which are available by distance learning. Cambridge ESOL also offer a qualification for teaching ESL in Further, Adult and Community Education in England and Wales the UK, and a DELTA add-on for the same purpose. Teachers wishing to qualify to teach young learners should consider the Cambridge ESOL Young Learners add-on to CELTA. In-Service training and development is catered for by the Cambridge ESOL ICELT.

DELTA is now available as three stand-alone modules, and is also available by distance learning

Abbreviations: ELT - English language Teaching TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language TESL - Teaching English as a Second Language TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages TESP - Teaching English for Special purposes Dip - Postgraduate Diploma

Aston University - MSc in TESOL, MSc in TESP, MSc in Teaching Young Learners, MSc in Educational Management in TESOL (all by distance learning)
Birkbeck College London - MA in Applied linguistics
Cardiff University - Dip/MA in Applied Linguistics
Kings College London - MA in ELT and Applied Linguistics
Lancaster University - MA in TEFL
Leeds Metropolitan University - MA in Materials Development for Language Teachers, MA in Professional Development for Language Education
London Metropolitan University - MA in International ELT and Applied Language Studies, MA in TEFL
Nottingham Trent University - MA in ELT
Oxford University - MSc in Applied Linguistics and Second language Acquisition
Oxford Brookes University - Dip/MA in ELT by distance learning
Queen's University Belfast - MSc in TESOL
Reading University - MA in ELT by distance learning
Saint Mary's College (University of Surrey) - MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT
Sheffield Hallam University - MA in TESOL
Birmingham University - MA in TEFL/TESL open distance learning
Liverpool University - MA in TESOL
Manchester University - MEd in ELT, MEd in Educational Technology and ELT
Nottingham University - MA in ELT
University College Chichester - MA in ELT Management
Cambridge University - MPhil in English and Applied Linguistics
Edinburgh University - Dip/MSc in Applied Linguistics
Essex University - MA in TEFL
Leeds University - MA in TESOL
Leicester University - MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL by distance learning
London University Institute of Education - MA in TESOL
Luton University - MA in Applied Linguistics (TEFL)
Newcastle upon Tyne University - MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL
Portsmouth University - Dip/MA in Applied Linguistics and Teaching English As A Foreign Language
Salford University - MA in TEFL
St Mark and St John College Plymouth - MEd in Trainer Development (ELT), MEd in ELT in Higher Education
Southampton University - MA English Language Teaching
Sunderland University - MA in TESOL
Surrey University - MA in Linguistics (TESOL), MSc in English Language Teaching Management
Ulster University - Diploma/MA in TESOL
University of Wales at Bangor - MA in Applied Linguistics for TEFL
Warwick University - MA in British Cultural Studies and English language Teaching

MA programmes in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries can be found at